The Seattle Seahawks reeled off their fourth win to stay in fifth place in the NFC playoff race in a 35-6 blowout victory over the Baltimore Ravens. Head coach Pete Carroll, who is no stranger to making strange decisions, decided it would be a good idea to climb on top of lockers to address his players following the win.

Players made sure to get some pictures and video of their elevated coach.

Appreciate ya Coach! 😂😂😂

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How did Carroll even get up there?

Well, the 64-year-old says he just suddenly got up there and was feeling good, so he rolled with it, as the Seahawks official website explains.

Carroll joked that “it was just that moment of feeling really good, then all of a sudden, there I was.” But in reality, he was up there because the Ravens, like a lot of teams in the NFL, have a visitor’s locker room that is divided, meaning it’s impossible to talk to the entire team at once. Well, impossible if you’re not willing to stand on the lockers.

“The locker room was divided so you couldn’t see all the fellas,” Carroll said.

He ‘couldn’t see all the fellas’ so he climbed up to talk to all of his players at once? I feel like he could have accomplished his goal in a much easier way, but this is more fun. Don’t stop being Pete Carroll, Pete Carroll.


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