A petition addressed to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones with a stated goal of banning Greg Hardy frpm the league has received more than 73,000 signatures, just under 2,000 from it’s intended goal of 75,000.

The plea was started by self-described Philadelphia Eagles fan Freddy Martinez, who says he has trouble supporting the league given their support of Hardy.

I am having an increasingly hard time supporting a league that gives players the privilege to play in the NFL despite these kind of actions. With the evidence publicly released, the next step is absolutely clear: Greg Hardy must go right now. Please sign my petition if you agree.

For those living under a rock, Hardy was charged with assault and communicating threats after allegedly beating and threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend. After initially being found guilty, he appealed and his verdict was overturned after the victim didn’t appear in court following a civil settlement. Hardy continued to draw an NFL salary and was eventually suspended 10 games (reduced to four) after the league found his conduct detrimental to the game (no shit).

Hardy eventually signed with the Dallas Cowboys, and despite being a trash human being, saying dumb thing after dumb thing, and pictures of the damage he inflicted to his former spouse going live, garbage clown extraordinaire Jerry Jones still publicly backed the player. Justifiably, people are disgusted.

In this day and age, a petition isn’t going to do all that much aside from show public support – but that’s the point. I’d say a large majority of people who know anything about the Hardy case, don’t want him or any other domestic abusers to suit up in the NFL. But, since the NFL doesn’t care about violence against women, players like Hardy will continue to suit up and earn an exorbitant amount of money despite being some of the worst people going.

The petition could get a million signatures, and the NFL wouldn’t do anything. They are past the point of no return.


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