Since Peyton Manning retired from the NFL, there have been calls and thoughts over the years that he would return to the NFL or football in general as a head coach or offensive coordinator. But Manning put all that to rest on The Colin Cowherd Podcast.

Manning says he has no interest in coaching. He says he doesn’t believe he’d make a great head coach. His former head coach Tony Dungy advised Manning to take the year off and decide what he wanted to do next in his life.

Manning told Cowherd this with a self-deprecating story:

“I decided after that year that I did not want to go into coaching. I didn’t think I’d be a very good coach. I was good at calling plays when I was playing quarterback, I’m not very good when other people are playing quarterback. Hence my sixth-grade offensive coordinator job so far. ”

“Every time Jim Sorgi or Brock Osweiler went in, sometimes they’d let me call plays in the preseason, and I sucked at it. Three-and-out, punt every single time.”

Manning also said he didn’t want to take on the daily grind that a coach has to go through. That might come as a surprise to some because Manning loves the game but he seems to be content with his life being a game show host, and calling ManningCast broadcasts for Monday Night Football, and doing Peyton’s Places, and putting together Omaha Productions alternate feeds for other sports. (He also told Cowherd he didn’t want to take on the grind of regular on-location broadcasting despite offers.)

Manning is now a part owner of the Denver Broncos as well. And that, and his various broadcasting gigs, seem to be the main involvement he wants with the NFL right now.

[The Colin Cowherd Podcast]

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