Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning continued his Super Bowl-celebrating tour with an appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night.

On the show, Peyton played “Egg Russian Roulette” vs NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson.

How does Egg Russian Roulette work? Well, there are a dozen eggs, with eight of those eggs hard-boiled, and four of the eggs still raw. The two participants take turns trying to smash the eggs on their own heads, without knowing which eggs are raw (until they are smashed, that is), and the first participant to smash two eggs is the loser.

In this case, Peyton was the loser:

peyton egg 2

I think Peyton can live with Egg Russian Roulette being his one loss over the last week. That video was pretty hilarious stuff, complete with an awkward handshake between Peyton and Magic at the end.

Also joining Peyton on the show was blank stare Eli… sort of:

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