The Empire State Building following the Philadelphia Eagles defeating the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship

Fans of the New York Giants should look away: An iconic Big Apple landmark celebrated a conference-championship-clenching win of a hated division rival.

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship on Sunday night, 31-7.

Eagles fans had quite the afternoon. They got to heckle Los Angeles Chargers star Joey Bosa, in attendance to support his younger brother Nick Bosa. They also got to strike back at 49ers fans, who became the latest team to attempt to disrespect the iconic Rocky statue with team memorabilia.

But the sweetest post-victory win might have come when the Empire State Building in New York City went Eagles Green and White to honor the team’s victory:

“Fly, Eagles Fly! We’re going Green and White in honor of the Eagles NFC Championship Victory,” the tower’s official Twitter account wrote.

The NFL world was quick to react to the display for better or worse:

The Empire Story Building stands 102 stories tall. It was erected between 1930 and 1931.

Wikipedia notes that, “The building’s Art Deco architecture, height, and observation decks have made it a popular attraction. Around four million tourists from around the world annually visit the building’s 86th- and 102nd-floor observatories; an additional indoor observatory on the 80th floor opened in 2019.”

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