Footballs Footballs displaying the NFL Eirope league website are ready for play during a scrimmage in St. Petersburg, Florida March 8, 2005. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

The NFL is reportedly considering a pretty major change this offseason that would eliminate the “tush push” on quarterback sneaks, preventing teammates from pushing the quarterback or any other player forward on rushing plays. The change wouldn’t drastically affect most teams, but it would definitely hurt the Philadelphia Eagles.

This season, the Eagles made use of the controversial tactic many times with star quarterback Jalen Hurts, and according to, Philadelphia found great success doing it – even during the Super Bowl loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Hurts had 10 rushing first downs in Sunday’s 38-35 Super Bowl LVII loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Six of them came on quarterback sneaks. On each one of them, the Eagles lined up two or three players behind Hurts and then they pushed him forward after the ball was snapped,” Paul Domowitch of wrote. “Hurts converted an impressive 36 of 40 quarterback sneaks this season.”

While the Eagles were the team primarily using the tactic last season, it’s clear that other teams would embrace it if the NFL did not make a rule change. In fact, new Denver Broncos coach Sean Payton revealed that he would use the tactic “every time” if the NFL allows it.

We’ll have to see if the league makes a change.