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The generally-accepted understanding is that, at best, huge trades where you give up tons of later draft picks in order to make one very high draft pick right now ends up as a mixed bag.

The odds are more likely that the person you select won’t live up to the hype while the draft picks you gave the other team will develop into solid contributors. Or in the case of the Dallas Cowboys and the Herschel Walker trade, they’ll literally build your dynasty.

The Los Angeles Rams decided to take a chance last week when they gave the Tennessee Titans a slew of picks for the right to select first in the 2016 NFL Draft.

It was said that the Philadelphia Eagles were very interested in that pick as well, so it appears that they’ve decided to roll the dice anyway on the second overall pick, trading away five draft picks to the Cleveland Browns to acquire it.

The Eagles also released a statement with the news of the trade.

“By making the initial trade with Miami earlier this offseason and with this trade today with Cleveland, we feel that we have put ourselves in the best possible position to draft an impact player,” said Howie Roseman. “We will now focus our energy on the next step.”

The last time the Eagles had a pick this high, they ended up getting franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb. They also still have a third-rounder, two fifth-rounders, a sixth-rounder, and two seventh-rounders, so they’re not going to put all their eggs in one basket either. However, they did give up three solid draft picks for this season and their first-round pick for next year, so they have banked a lot in getting this pick correct.

Meanwhile, the Browns, who are in perpetual rebuilding mode, may have put themselves in an even better position to draft well. They still have the eighth pick overall, which could be prime spot to get a quarterback. They also have the No. 32 pick (2nd round), No. 65 pick (3rd round), No. 77 pick (3rd round), and No. 99 pick (4th round), so if nothing else the franchise is in great position to potentially have an amazing draft.

But it’s the Browns, so, we’ll see…


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