Nov 26, 2017; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Fans tailgate outside Lincoln Financial Field before a game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

In the hours leading up to the NFC Championship game, police in Philadelphia took preventive measures in an attempt to deter Eagles fans from climbing light posts and traffic lights in the event the home team won to go to the Super Bowl. City workers were greasing the poles with massive amounts of Crisco to make it more difficult to climb the poles, but there was plenty of video evidence to suggest Eagles fans would not be held down.

Now, with the Eagles about to play in the Super Bowl, Philadelphia police are already putting out the message they will have a new strategy to prevent Eagles fans from climbing poles just in case the Eagles win their first Super Bowl in franchise history on Sunday. But what exactly is going to replace the Crisco? That is a city secret, apparently.

Police commissioner Richard Ross outlined the plans the city police force will be taking Sunday night as they prepare for a possible celebration in the streets. That included setting up checkpoints to check and an increased police force to monitor the streets and crack down on any possible acts of vandalism because fans always find a way to destroy a car when celebrating a championship for some reason. Ross also acknowledged the Philadelphia tradition of climbing poles when they get a chance to celebrate and knows the city has to find a better solution than layering the city poles in grease.

“Now look, I can’t tell you that there won’t still be attempts, but I would suspect that some of them will be far more difficult than they were with the Crisco attempt,” said Ross, according to CBS Philly.

So what exactly is this secret deterrent going to be? We may have to wait to find out, but it may be a wise strategy to keep it under wraps until absolutely needed in order to prevent fans from coming up with their strategies ahead of time to counter any measures taken by the city. Rest assured, no matter what city police try to do, there will be fans attempting to climb to the top of the poles should a celebration in the streets break out.

The police commissioners says it will be a safe preventative measure, so I suppose we can rule out blasting a firehose at any fans trying to climb poles or other structures. Although that would be fun to watch as well.

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