It’s polling season in the world of politics, but that is not going to stop Public Policy Polling from asking the real tough questions as the nation looks to choose our next president. After all, these are the questions we want our political leaders to take a stand on, from issues like gun violence to foreign affairs to the elite status of one Joe Flacco.

With the Iowa caucus upon us, Public Policy Polling  will be gathering as much information from the battleground state as possible as the Republicans and Democrats cast their ballots. But with the Super Bowl just around the corner, now is as good a time as any to poll the public on some football-related issues. Here’s hoping the poll questions address some of the more serious issues in football such as concussions and player safety, but it’s OK to ask a fun question or two or 20.

Some of the questions being suggested to PPP for their football poll include determining the nation’s favorite quarterback and whether or not Chip Kelly, head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, should return to college (he is welcome back in the college ranks with open arms, should things not work out with the 49ers).

Here are some other questions we would like to see addressed;

  • What do fans think of NFL games being played in Europe, or the possibility of the NFL adding a franchise in London.
  • Is Cam Newton misunderstood?
  • How many commercial sponsorships is enough for Peyton Manning?
  • Are the Cowboys still to be considered “America’s Team?”
  • Is Roger Goodell doing a good job?
  • How much did you really care about deflategate?

Feel free to add your own suggestions with a comment below.

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