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It’s been a tough season for the Las Vegas Raiders and quarterback Derek Carr, who lost yet again on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts to fall to 2-7 on the season.

Carr discussed the team’s latest loss in a post-game press conference, where he began to get emotional about the Raiders’ struggles and continue to voice his support for head coach Josh McDaniels.

“I love Josh (McDaniels), I love my coaches,” said Carr while trying to fight back tears. “They have had nothing but success. Way more success than I have ever had. I’m sorry for being emotional, I’m just pissed off”

“Some of the things that a lot of us do just to practice. What we do just to sleep at night. And for that to be the result, it pisses a lot of guys off.”

It’s definitely hard not to feel for Carr considering the situation that the Raiders find themselves in. While Carr has been far from perfect, they have been competitive in the majority of games this year.

Las Vegas is coming off a season where they were able to make the postseason, and they currently find themselves with the second-worst record in all of football.

Losing to a Colts team coached by interim head coach Jeff Saturday, who had never coached at a level higher than high-school football before Sunday is certainly embarrassing for Carr and the Raiders.

More and more questions surround the organization, and Carr or McDaniels could find themselves on the outs in Las Vegas sooner rather than later.

[Photo Credit: Las Vegas Raiders on Twitter]

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