Jimmy Garoppolo

The Las Vegas Raiders dropped massive news about their new quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Signed away from San Francisco in the off-season, Garoppolo will miss OTAs after he underwent foot surgery in March. He is not yet ready to return to action.

Head coach Josh McDaniels didn’t mention the surgery much, but he did say this on Thursday.

“We don’t play a game for 100 days,” McDaniels said, per The Athletic. “Everything that’s happened since we signed Jimmy [Garoppolo], we knew ahead of time. … Certainly had an awareness of all of it. Our preference is not to push it and rush anybody back at this point in time.”

Jimmy G injured his foot during a game against the Miami Dolphins, which put him on the bench for the rest of the season. At the time, he had taken the place of starting quarterback Trey Lance who also injured himself and was out for the season due to an ankle injury.

As McDaniels pointed out, the good news is that this is May, not August, and Jimmy Garoppolo has plenty of time to recover from his injuries in time for fall camp to start.

In the meantime, the Raiders can see what their new rookies have in store for them as they wait for Jimmy G to return in the fall.

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