In theory, the NFL’s Color Rush idea for Thursday Night Football sounds like a good idea.  Do something that will set the NFL’s newest primetime package apart with a splashier product.  The NFL has been known to be super-obsessive over the slightest uniform tweaks when they come from individual players, so maybe the splash of color could help offset the reputation of the No Fun League.  And it’s something different than the thousands of games where one team wears color and the other wears white.

Again, in theory it sounds like a good idea, but sometimes the combinations just don’t work.  For Bills-Jets it produced a nightmare for red-green colorblind fans.  For Titans-Jags it was, well, let’s not go there again.

For next week’s Bucs-Rams game, it’s going to be a night to remember for Joey Chestnut as you’re going to hear an entire week of ketchup and mustard jokes.

Technically those colors are “buccaneer red” and “new century gold” but yea, all I see is a great big one of these waiting to happen.

Maybe they should dress the officials up in green and white so we can add some onion and relish to the mix.