It must be good to be mega-sports owner Stan Kroenke these days. First he got his wish and took the Rams out of St. Louis and in to the second-largest media market in the United States, Los Angeles, and now this.

According to a report by Business Insider, Kroenke has added the largest ranch in the United States within a single fence to his holdings. It also happens to be larger in square-acreage than both the city of his Rams and New York City combined.

The Waggoner Ranch clocks in at a whopping 520,000 acres, and would be ranch No. 12 for Kroenke. He currently owns 11 other ranches in Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, and British Columbia.

Kroenke reportedly paid a cool $725 million for the mega-ranch.

Here is a look at what the ranch looks like and includes:

As the video shows, this isn’t just some crazy purchase for the mega-rich, it is also about keeping an iconic Texas ranch working and of course access to a working oil rig (or a million) too.

What Kroenke wants with it is not totally known, as he is a notorious recluse and doesn’t give media interviews. Still, his actions with other properties and businesses show a pattern of hands-off ownership. For those working on the ranch and hoping to see its working function stay the core of what happens, that’s perhaps the best news possible.

The ranch didn’t take long to sell, as Bloomberg’s feature was posted just this past June and clearly had plenty of interested parties fall by the wayside.

As the saying goes — everything is bigger in Texas, and Kroenke certainly showed that truth to be self-evident in this purchase.

[h/t Business Insider]

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