The Los Angeles Rams are slowly winning the hearts of sports fans all over Los Angeles. The Rams currently sit at 10-4 and in first place in the NFC West. But they aren’t only winning on the field these days.

With Christmas around the corner and Hanukkah already wrapping up, Rams’ stars Tavon Austin and Robert Quinn partnered up with the LA Family Housing charity to spread some holiday spirit. The duo and the charity worked with a homeless family and gave them a fully-furnished, four-bedroom apartment.

The mother, Shwonna Cox, has six children who lost everything they had in the recent California wildfires. Shwonna currently works at USC according to the Los Angeles Times, and is struggling to make ends meet after the fires destroyed all they had.

But that all changed with the help of Austin and Quinn who not only set them up with a furnished apartment, but they also set up a Christmas tree with presents underneath.

This is the second year in a row Austin and Quinn partnered up with the nonprofit to help out a homeless family. The Rams players paid for new beds, a couch, televisions, a dining room set, art for the walls, kitchen items, and everything else in the four-bedroom apartment.

“I just feel at peace,” Cox told the LA Times, “and thank them for everything.”

The charity was working with Cox and her family before the big apartment unveiling and had to move multiple times due to the fires. Ultimately, the charity and the Rams hooked them up with the more permanent apartment.

“It’s really been a crazy couple of weeks,” said Stephanie Klasky-Gamer, president and chief executive of LA Family Housing. “They were affected by two separate fires in two totally different parts of town.

“When it rains it pours — and I hope they’re feeling the outpouring of love.”

What makes this all better is that the Rams didn’t have to ask Quinn and Austin to do this. Instead, the two players asked the Rams separately last year about helping families in need, according to Rams’ VP of Community Affairs and Engagement Molly Higgins.

“I always want to do something to help a person. You can’t help everybody in the world but at least you can get to one, and that’s where my heart has always been, so that’s what is to me. I just feel good they have a place to rest their head and call a place home,” Austin said.

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