Sean McVay Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams suffered their second straight loss Monday night after a 19-16 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. And for the second straight week, the Rams had an unlikely late-game score that drastically altered the results for many bettors.

Down 19-9 in the game’s final minutes, the Rams marched down the field and ultimately scored a touchdown to get within three points leading to a push of the three-point spread

Los Angeles’ Week 2 loss to the San Francisco 49ers featured a seemingly bizarre decision by the Rams to kick a field goal in the final seconds to take San Francisco’s lead from 30-20 to 30-23, the final score, The Rams were seven and a half point underdogs in the game.

McVay denied being aware of that.

The path the Rams took to get their touchdown Monday night also frustrated many. Los Angeles kept running the ball and wasting time, including a sequence where Matthew Stafford scrambled for a first down and then was sacked to lead into the two-minute warning.

By the time they finally reached the end zone, it was too late for it to matter on the scoreboard, but secured the push.

Naturally, the push led to plenty of reactions on social media.

Jim Rome tweeted, “Our dude Sean McVay looking to **** off Vegas again”