Like many NFL fans, former star receiver Randy Moss is excited about the new season. And one of the things he is excited about is seeing Aaron Rodgers in a New York Jets uniform.

Moss said you could feel the positive energy down in the Jets’ camp.

“I felt the buzz when the Jets were down,” said Moss, who works in New York for his role as an ESPN analyst, “and now I’m feeling the buzz when they’re ready to look forward to some big things from this organization.”

Moss is also all in on Rodgers as the team’s starting QB, saying he has seen a different and better Rodgers since he joined the team. And he’s expecting the Jets to have a huge season.

“I just think the sky’s the limit for the New York Jets,” he said.

With that being said, however, Moss says that one AFC team is still the team to beat in that conference. And he thinks that’s the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs have won two out of the last four Super Bowls. And they also still have reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes. Despite the Jets’ improvement with Rodgers, the Jets’ road to the Super Bowl still has to come through Kansas City.

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