Eight teams remain alive in the race to Super Bowl LIV in South Florida, which means there are 16 potential matchups for that game.

Which two teams would make for the best possible Super Bowl? Who would result in the worst? Let’s rank each of the possible pairings from worst to first.

16. Texans vs. Vikings: I guess it would be cool in that we’d automatically have a first-time Super Bowl winner. Still, this lacks sex appeal on a national level and Houston’s fan base isn’t large enough yet.

15. Titans vs. 49ers: Neither team plays overly exciting football, there’s no rivalry aspectm and the Titans aren’t a buzzworthy team.

14. Titans vs. Vikings: Derrick Henry and Dalvin Cook would give this a uniquely old-school feel.

13. Titans vs. Seahawks: Russell Wilson in his third Super Bowl already is a big friggin’ deal, but the Titans aren’t a big draw.

12. Ravens vs. Vikings: Lamar Jackson in his first Super Bowl is a huge deal, but the Vikings aren’t much more of a draw.

11. Texans vs. 49ers: Both teams would be great stories at this point, even if it’s not a premier matchup.

10. Titans vs. Packers: The Aaron Rodgers storyline isn’t enough to save a pretty ho-hum matchup.

9. Texans vs. Packers: Aaron Rodgers seeking his second ring against a team that’s totally new to it all. Not bad.

8. Texans vs. Seahawks: These teams aren’t as big-time as some of those below, but that Deshaun Watson-Russell Wilson matchup is gold.

7. Chiefs vs. Vikings: A rematch of Super Bowl IV exactly 50 years later would be pretty cool, but the Vikings aren’t very sexy.

6. Chiefs vs. 49ers: Two of the most popular franchises in the league, and two awesome young quarterbacks.

5. Ravens vs. 49ers: They’ve been the best two teams in the NFL this season, and this Super Bowl XLVII rematch would be a lot of fun.

4. Chiefs vs. Packers: This would have a torch-passing feel with Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers.

3. Ravens vs. Packers: Ditto for this one with Lamar Jackson and Rodgers.

2. Chiefs vs. Seahawks: Patrick and Russ, and Andy Reid and Pete Carroll. You know this would be wild.

1. Ravens vs. Seahawks: Lamar and Russ, and two of the best teams from this century not named the Patriots.

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