The Titans lost to the Ravens today, in large part due to Lamar Jackson doing Lamar Jackson things.

Like, say, this awesome touchdown run:

(Okay, let’s look at that from more angles, because it’s ridiculous.)

The Titans, though, were very much in the game, thanks to a strong start and some stout defense. Still, down 17-13 in the fourth quarter, and facing a short yardage fourth down decision in Baltimore territory, Titans coach Mike Vrabel elected to…punt.

That’s bad! Here’s how ESPN’s analytics-focused channel reacted live to the call. Spoiler: disbelief!

Those weren’t the only numbers that backed that up, though:

The Titans ended up giving up another field goal, and while they had the ball with a chance to score, Ryan Tannehill threw an unfortunate tipped-ball interception.

While the Titans could have stopped them and gotten the ball back, they, well, didn’t do that.

After the game, though, a lot of the discourse centered on Vrabel’s decision, and his explanation wasn’t exactly satisfactory.

At some point coaches will figure out the risk-reward on plays like this, and actually take the right chances at the right times. But that day wasn’t today, and Tennessee lost a big chunk of win probability in their most important game of the season.

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