Ravens defenders all miss Juwan Johnson on a touchdown The Ravens had a great game defensively but a poor effort from some of their players late led to a touchdown.

By and large, the Baltimore Ravens came up big defensively in Monday night’s game against the New Orleans Saints. That said, the effort — or lack thereof — specifically from defensive backs Marcus Peters and Chuck Clark, is hard to ignore.

The Ravens led the Saints 27-6 late in the fourth quarter. Garbage-time touchdowns aren’t uncommon at this time of the game. But those usually occur when a trailing offense takes advantage of either a prevent defense or bench players finally seeing the field. That wasn’t what happened here.

New Orleans’ Juwan Johnson caught a pass near the sideline and Peters made what appeared to be a half-hearted attempt to get Johnson either down or out of bounds. Johnson continued down the sidelines but Clark apparently felt that he had stepped out of bounds. Because with Johnson within his reach and tight-rope walking by the sideline, Clark just pulled up.

As a result, Johnson ran right into the end zone, giving New Orleans its first touchdown of the game.

While not as obvious as Peters or Clark, Patrick Queen might have also had a chance to either tackle Johnson or get him out of bounds. But he also stopped running.

Even though it happened in the final minutes of a lopsided game, plenty of people in the NFL world were critical of the Baltimore defenders.

Fortunately for all of the Ravens involved, it didn’t cost Baltimore the game. Those were the final points scored and the Ravens won the game 27-13. Still, much like Morgan Moses after his mistake from earlier in the game, the film session will be rough for Peters, Clark and Queen when this play is looked at.

[Photo Credit: ESPN]

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