Is it wrong if your opponent leaves their playbook laying around and you happen to find it so you decide to read it? What if you found the plays laying on the actual field during the game and you only had moments to sneak a peek?

That was the case on Sunday when the Baltimore Ravens and Buffalo Bills were playing in windy conditions and someone on the Ravens staff lost control of some playsheets, sending them flying across the field. As everyone scrambled to collect them, Bills corner Tre White ran over to a loose page and decided to take a closer look.

With the referee closing in, kudos to White for trying to ingest all of the information Limitless-style before it was snatched away.

Dirty pool? Hardly. The chances White actually found anything useful in the seconds he had before it was taken from him were pretty low. Besides, we have a feeling this was more for comedy’s sake than to give the Bills any kind of advantage.

However, now that White was armed with some form of inside information on the Ravens, Twitter immediately identified the obvious next step for him and his new employer…the New England Patriots…

Admit it, trading for White on the off-chance he got some kind of inside information does sound like the kind of thing the Patriots would do…


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