It’s pretty common for a home crowd to get upset with the referees after a close call doesn’t go their way, but Dallas Cowboys fans had another reason to be upset with one particular official during Sunday evening’s game against the New York Giants.

The Cowboys threw the challenge flag on a catch attempt from Ceedee Lamb at the back of the end zone after the referee ruled that Lamb did not get both feet in bounds with possession of the ball. The Cowboys thought Lamb did get both feet down, and when the referee returned from the review, it initially appeared as though he would be giving the fans in Cowboy stadium some good news.

“After reviewing the play, the receiver controlled the ball, the right foot was down in bounds,” the referee began, as the crow began to cheer.

But then the official delivered bad news.

“Left foot, toe then heel out of bounds,” the referee. “Pass is incomplete.”

Whether it was a deliberate troll or not, the official clearly teased the Cowboys fans in attendance, and the NFL world had plenty to say about it.

The moral of this scenario is that fans should listen to the whole announcement before reacting.

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