The franchise tag deadline is nearing (Friday at 4 p.m., to be specific), and Von Miller and the Denver Broncos are reportedly getting closer to coming to terms on a deal.

NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport reported that Miller and the Broncos have continued to make progress on a deal that’s reportedly for six years, and $114 million. That deal had $59 million guaranteed in the first nine months, and at least $70 million in overall guarantees, an improvement from the previously reported $61 million.

Rapoport gave some more insight, from

“There is now a better chance this deal gets done than it doesn’t get done.” Rapoport added on NFL Network. “As things have gone quiet in the Von Miller negotiation, optimism has grown for all involved. It’s headed in the right direction quickly.”

The deal would be huge not just for Miller and the Broncos, but in the larger scope of the league. Andrew Luck signed a deal with $47 million guaranteed to stay in Indianapolis, which is normal when you consider quarterbacks get paid the most. But Miller as an outside linebacker would eclipse that mark by $12 million.

The back and forth between the two sides hasn’t always been pretty, but when you lose a Hall of Fame caliber quarterback who was already on the decline, and you don’t have a star quarterback in place, you need a player like Miller.

It now sounds like the Broncos are willing to accept that fact, and it shouldn’t be a surprise come Friday if and when the two sides agree to a new deal.


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