Just when it seems like the Patriots had successfully navigated choppy quarterback waters, this news drops:

Should this report from Mike Petraglia of WEEI in Boston be confirmed, the Patriots have an even bigger mess on their hands when it comes to who their starting quarterback will be nine days from now against the Bills. Will Jimmy Garoppolo’s shoulder be healed enough to start? Will the Patriots have to sign someone off the street? Will they use Julian Edelman as a read-option quarterback like he was at Kent State? Will Drew Bledsoe or Doug Flutie come out of retirement to lead the Patriots once again?

Brissett’s performance on a short week against an admittedly listless Houston Texans team was incredibly impressive, and now his brief moment in the spotlight looks to have faded with this news. Tom Brady returns from his suspension after the game against Buffalo, but until then, the Patriots have even more questions about who they will turn to in the interim.

But after the first three games of the season, it probably won’t matter who the Pats start against the Buffalo Bills, because Bill Belichick is magic and will probably coach the Pats to a win anyway.

We’ll have more on this story as more news breaks.

UPDATE: Much to do about nothing?

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