Rex and Rob Ryan have had an eventful couple of days. Over the weekend, Rex and Rob were involved in a bar fight in Nashville. A couple days later, word emerged that while also in Nashville, Rex complimented a woman’s feet in a strange way.

Well on Tuesday, the bad news bear struck the Ryan brothers again and it was because of the same bar fight.

According to none other than TMZ, the two brothers have been named in a police report by a man who claimed the two former NFL coaches assaulted him in a Nashville bar.

The only way this week could seemingly get worse for either of them would be if one of them was fired from an NFL coaching job, but the thing is neither of them have one right now. Rob is currently a coaching free agent, while Rex was recently hired as an NFL analyst by ESPN.

Here’s more information from TMZ’s report:

“A rep for the Metro Nashville Police Dept. confirms Matthew Havel (from Colorado), filed a simple assault report against the Ryan brothers over an incident at the Margaritaville bar on Saturday.”

Here’s the video one more time if you haven’t seen it before:

Naturally, people may wonder if Havel would have even filed the assault report if the assailant wasn’t Rex or Rob Ryan, and we’ll never know that. The fact of the matter is that Havel did file the report and who knows, maybe it’ll cost Rex or Ryan any shot at an NFL job again.

Neither Rex or Ryan have commented about the fight or the assault report.


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  1. no surprise about the feet compliment. Rex and his wife made foot fetish videos.

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