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It has become quite common for the spouses of professional athletes to have quite the viral reactions online when things do not go well for their husbands or wives in the field of competition. The NFL is most certainly no exception to this general rule of thumb, and the wife of Buffalo Bills kicker Dan Carpenter has taken things to a new low. It is very much below the belt¬†– if you know what I’m saying.

Kaela Carpenter had a stern message to send to Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman following Monday night’s game between the Bills and Seattle Seahawks. Just before halftime, Sherman jumped offsides and delivered a blow to her husband. Unbelievably, Sherman was flagged for going offsides but not for his hit on Carpenter. So you can imagine the rage that would be brewing in Kaela after witnessing such a sequence of events.

For whatever reason, she felt the need to tweet her thoughts attached to an image of a tool called a bander, which is used to remove the testicles from farm animals. Yeah. She went there.

For what it is worth, Sherman also knocked down a Bills receiver at the end of the game right in front of an official, for which no flag was thrown once again.

Sherman’s play and the officiating does once again remind us how silly the NFL rules that are or are not enforced can be sometimes.

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