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Sports Illustrated is set to premiere its new Ricky Williams documentary, “Ricky Williams Takes the High Road” on July 13. And with that, comes a lot of talk surrounding Williams’ use of marijuana.

This is seen in one particular clip. In this short excerpt released by SI, Williams claims that he holds “the world record for most drug tests.” The former NFL running back claims he was drug tested more than 500 times during his 11-year career in the NFL. Williams’ wife even goes as far as saying that some of the drug testers were even considered family.

There is even one instance where Williams could’ve avoided a suspension based on his close relationship with the testers, via CBS Sports.

“The one test where he got caught that had him suspended for the four months, we could have switched it that day if we wanted to,” Williams’ wife Kristen recalls. “That guy, we knew him so well … he tested Ricky and left them both [samples] sitting on the counter and left for 45 minutes and then came back … but you know, Ricky’s an honest person. That thought never entered his mind I don’t think.”

It’s likely that the NFL had knowledge of Williams’ marijuana use (like the rest of us did) and tested him at a higher rate as a result. Williams retired in 2004 while facing a suspension after violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. But regardless of Williams’ past, it seems a tad overboard. If Williams’ claim is correct, the Texas alum would’ve had more than three drug tests for every game he played in the NFL.

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