Rob Gronkowski celebrating a touchdown with Tom Brady.

The decision Rob Gronkowski made to come out of retirement this offseason and join former New England Patriots teammate Tom Brady in Tampa Bay paid off with a spectacular play Sunday. Gronkowski recorded his first touchdown of the year in the Buccaneers’ game against the Packers, making a great end-zone catch against Green Bay’s Adrian Amos:

Gronkowski’s last touchdown prior to this came on December 9, 2018 against the Miami Dolphins, 679 days ago. He retired after that season before coming out of retirement earlier this year. This season, Gronkowski (seen above celebrating the TD with Brady) had played in all five of Tampa Bay’s games prior to this, but had only caught 12 passes for 140 yards. We’ll see if this leads to him finding more targets with the Buccaneers; even if it doesn’t, though, this was a nice catch.

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