Rob Gronkowski, Lyft driver

Have you ever gotten in an Uber or a Lyft car and thought your driver was just nuts? A few people looking to pick up a ride in Foxborough recently must have that thought when they got picked up for a ride, because they were being picked up by Rob Gronkowski.

Of course, they didn’t know it was Gronkowski until they arrived at their destination. Gronk went undercover as a Lyft driver, complete with wigs and shades to shield his face form passengers. “The Gronk” then engages in some good chit-chat with the passengers and even cracks a few jokes about his Patriots teammates.

At one point, Gronk gets caught off guard when his passenger tries to claim he has met Gronkowski at a bar. This took Gronkowski by surprise, and he calls his passenger out on the bluff.

And of course, what stunt with Gronkowski would be complete without spiking a few footballs?

When Gronkowski gets caught possibly thinking about putting lotion on Tom Brady, it felt like something directly out of The Simpsons. STUPID SEXY BRADY!


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