Robert Kraft alongside Bill Belichick Photo Credit: Netflix

Most football fans likely assumed that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and former Patriots head coach Bill Belichick wouldn’t be hanging around each other anytime soon after Kraft relieved him of his duties this offseason. But the two shared the stage together on Sunday during the Netflix comedy special The Roast of Tom Brady, where Kraft had some very complimentary words for Belichick.

With the thanks of roast host Kevin Hart, Belichick and Kraft were brought to the stage together to share a shot. But before they had their celebratory drinks, Kraft called Belichick the “greatest coach in the history of the game”.

“I want to say, this is the greatest coach in the history of the game,” said Kraft. “That did what no one else has done. Having Tom Brady and him was the greatest honor that the good lord gave me.”

It’s a hard statement to argue from Kraft considering all Belichick was able to accomplish for Kraft in New England. Belichick’s six Super Bowl championships of course mark the most of any coach in NFL history.

You can obviously argue whether Belichick or Brady had the most impact on those championship-winning teams. But the general consensus is that neither likely would have experienced as much success as they did without the other.

Still, it is interesting to see these two sharing this kind of moment only months after Kraft let Belichick go. Perhaps there aren’t as many hard feelings on the side of Belichick as some fans would have expected.

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