Odell Beckham Jr. was not able to finish the Los Angeles Rams‘ Super Bowl matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals, suffering a torn ACL in his left knee for the second time in the last two seasons.

It was a devastating diagnosis for Beckham, who was having himself a great postseason for the Rams.

Beckham had never competed in the Super Bowl before this season, and even though he did make an early impact with a touchdown catch from Matthew Stafford, his game was unfortunately cut short.

Beckham was reportedly devastated in the locker room when he heard that he would not be able to come back and play in the second half. There was one player for the Rams who knew exactly how Beckham was feeling at that moment.

Rams wide receiver Robert Woods had his season cut short in November with a torn ACL suffered in practice just a day after Beckham signed with the Rams.

During halftime when Beckham was obviously distraught, Woods was the first person to come to Beckham’s side to comfort him.

“I spent some time with him in the locker room before coming out after halftime and really just held him. It’s tough,” said Woods.

Even though Beckham was originally brought in and could have taken some snaps away from Woods, it seems like he has taken in Beckham with open arms.

“Just being able to hold him and just say I’m right with you. I’ll be here every step, every rehab, day. I want to train with him every single day. I’m right with you. He’s a competitor. I know he’ll be back even stronger and hopefully he’s back with us.” Woods added.

After a rocky stint with the Cleveland Browns predictably ended in a divorce, Beckham was fully embraced by the Rams, and he looked much more like the superstar wide receiver he was with the New York Giants.

Hopefully, Beckham — a free agent this offseason — can make a full recovery before the 2022 NFL season begins.

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