Bud Light’s “Banquet” commercial this August received plenty of buzz for its medieval banquet featuring tributes of the beer and a recurring “Dilly Dilly” chant, which took on new life when fans started using it on signs and particularly soared when Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger used the phrase as an audible on Thursday Night Football last week.

The company’s now taking the promotion further with a new ad set in the “Pit of Misery” referenced in the initial commercial. (Someone who brings the king a spiced honey mead instead of Bud Light gets sent there.) Here’s the new ad, which is set to air on CBS and Fox during Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day games:

Here’s the initial ad for reference:

There’s quite a history of audibles and play calls making it into popular culture, from Peyton Manning’s “Omaha” to Brian Sipe’s “Red Right 88,” but it’s a little more unusual to see a phrase that originated in a commercial make it into audibles. What’s next, “Where’s the beef?” or “Taste the rainbow!”

We’ll see how this new commercial is received, but Roethlisberger’s audible certainly brought more attention to the campaign. And if the phrase continues to catch on, this might be far from the last “Dilly Dilly” we see.

[Bud Light on YouTube]

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