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The NFL spares almost no expense when it comes to putting on a grand show. The NFL Draft is the biggest event of the offseason for the NFL, and they literally roll out the red carpets for the players expected to be the top picks in the draft each year. Whether an oversight or a minor way to save a couple of bucks, there was no dessert offered to players and families attending the NFL Draft last week in Chicago, and that did not go unnoticed by Eli Apple’s mother.

Annie Apple got the chance to provide a bit of a journal of her experience for Sports Illustrated following her son at the NFL Draft in Chicago. Eli Apple, of Ohio State, was drafted with the 10th overall pick by the New York Giants, leading to what will surely be many eye-rolling Big Apple jokes in the years to come. When detailing a welcome reception, Annie Apple made sure to note there were no desserts made available for those attending.

There was a wonderful welcome reception for the family, though whomever planned the event forgot to include desserts. This is what happens when skinny women rule the world: they forget the chocolate. Clearly the commissioner owes me a brownie.

The commissioner made good on that debt.

According to ESPN, somebody brought that comment to Roger Goodell’s attention, and he did not waste time responding. Brian McCarthy, an NFL spokesperson, wrote an email to Tim Apple, Eli’s father and Annie’s husband, to let him know a package was on its way.

“Just a head’s up to be on the look out for a delivery of brownies today,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy wrote in an email to Tim Apple, Annie’s husband. “The Commissioner was aware of Annie’s disappointment in the lack of desserts at the Draft in Chicago and wanted to make up for it.

“We’ve enjoyed reading and watching Annie as she becomes a media star. Hope you all have a good Mother’s Day Weekend.”

Goodell gets blasted time and time again for any number of criticisms, but it’s nice to know he has a sense of humor somewhere inside.

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