Russell Wilson

Thursday’s game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos featured an extremely poor performance by star quarterback Russell Wilson, but it appears that Wilson is still trying to remain positive following the defeat.

At the end of his postgame interview, Wilson left the media with a familiar message that he has been saying all season.

“Thank you guys. Broncos Country, let’s ride,” said Wilson as he walked off the stage.

Considering the disaster of a game it was for the entirety of the Broncos’ offense, many took to social media to blast Wilson for his upbeat interview despite his terrible performance.

This criticism may be a bit much towards Wilson considering he did own up to his poor play earlier in the press conference, saying that he “let the team down”.

That being said, it certainly comes off as very odd to be using a catchphrase when fans are clearly upset by the lack of production on the field.

Fans were so upset with Denver’s offensive performance last night that fans started leaving before overtime had even started.

There are certainly more issues than just Russell Wilson’s performance by the Broncos.

He has been sacked the third most in the NFL this year, and his star running back Javonte Williams recently went down for the season with an ACL injury.

Regardless, this is not what Denver expected considering Wilson is under contract with the organization through the 2028 season.

That isn’t looking like the best contract extension at the moment, and it appears that fans are even getting upset with Russell Wilson and his personality as Denver’s struggles continue.

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