Russell Wilson

It’s no secret that this has been a rough season for star quarterback Russell Wilson after joining the Denver Broncos during the offseason. He’s had what is without a doubt the worst season of his entire NFL career and has led the Broncos to an atrocious on-field product as the team has by far the worst offense in the league. But it appears that the team is still committed to him, even after a very public sideline altercation.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Denver Broncos team owner Greg Penner revealed that he is committed to Russell Wilson as the team’s quarterback and thinks that his issues this season are fixable.

‘So, the decision to have Russell here was a long-term one,” Penner said during a press conference on Tuesday. “This season has not been up to his standards or expectation. We saw some glimpses of it in the last few weeks. He knows he can play better, we know he can play better, and we know he’ll do the right work in the offseason to be ready for next year.”

Earlier this week, Wilson himself took ownership of his struggles, admitting that he has not played up to his standards.

[James Palmer]