Ryan Day CJ Stroud Jan 1, 2022; Pasadena, California, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes head coach Ryan Day (left) and quarterback C.J. Stroud (7) celebrate after the 2022 Rose Bowl against the Utah Utes at Rose Bowl. Ohio State defeated Utah 48-45. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been a lot of conjecture, rumors, and reports about former Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud as he heads into the 2023 NFL Draft as one of the top prospects.

Reports that Stroud’s testing scores were abnormally low, coupled with unconfirmed reports about his character, have some people wondering if he might drop in the draft in spite of his talents.

If there’s anyone who knows what kind of football player Stroud is, it’s Ohio State head coach Ryan Day. Day appeared on ESPN on Thursday to clear the air about what he’s heard regarding Stroud, his test scores, and his character.

“This morning, I actually met with the folks on Zoom with the S2 cognitive tests and I learned quite a few things about it. First off, it’s all based on your eye reaction and reacting to buttons and pressing buttons. So, there’s no IG test. There’s no question and answer.

“Only 15 teams actually subscribe to this test, so less than half the teams actually have this information. I also learned that the information that had been leaked, which I’m assuming it was for some strategic reason, otherwise why would somebody actually do it, that some of those test scores weren’t accurate.

“And then the last thing is there’s ten scores that actually get evaluated during the S2 process. And you don’t know what those scores mean. They’re all evaluating different things. And so to just take a number that got leaked and make an evaluation of somebody is a little irresponsible.”

We’ll see if NFL teams care about the leaked information or not when the 2023 NFL Draft gets underway tonight.

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