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Few players deserve more credit for the Saints’ playoff victory over the Panthers on Sunday than defensive end Cam Jordan. Jordan, a Defensive Player of the Year candidate, recorded a sack, two quarterback hits and two pass deflections in his team’s 31-26 victory. On the Panthers’ final drive, he forced Cam Newton into an intentional grounding penalty by plowing through two blockers and decking the quarterback.

After the game, Jordan trolled Newton with a bottle of wine that served as a call-back to comments the quarterback made earlier this season.

Allow us to explain. Back in Week 3, Jordan mocked Newton’s eccentric fashion style, commenting on his opponent’s “grandma hat” and “Coachella onesie.” Newton later responded that, ““I didn’t know he was a fan of my dress code. Obviously he’s been paying attention. Nevertheless, that’s flattering to me. If he sends me his address, I can send him some sauce.”

Jordan apparently did not forget Newton’s remark. After Sunday’s game, he proclaimed, “I’m gonna have to send this guy a wine bottle. I appreciate him for being that good ol’ quarterback. … So I’m gonna send him some sauce.”

Then, on Monday afternoon, Jordan posted a photo to his Instagram story of a wine bottle on top of a shipping label with Newton’s Panthers address, with the caption, “Who would I be if I don’t follow through on my word?” along with several emojis and the Saints’ “Who dat” mantra.

If anyone deserves to troll a little bit it’s Jordan. He racked up 48 tackles, 13 sacks, two forced fumbles and an interception this season, serving as the best defensive player on a Saints team that went 11-5 and won the NFC South.

Here’s the intentional-grounding play that sealed New Orleans their victory. Watch Jordan (at the top of the screen) plow past the tackle, then overpower the back to get to Newton:

The Saints will next face the Vikings this weekend in Minneapolis. We’ll see if Jordan has any trash talk for Case Keenum.

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