The New Orleans Saints unveiled new helmets on Thursday and they’ve drawn some very mixed reactions around the NFL world.

The NFL franchise showcased these new helmets on social media on Thursday afternoon, showing a number of pictures, including some with star defensive end Cameron Jordan debuting news jerseys for next season.

Jordan seems to be pretty excited about the new gear, commenting on the pictures with the captions reading “Oh laaaawd we got swag it out.”

Not everyone was excited about the new designs, especially when it comes to the helmets, with many criticizing the change from the typical gold helmets that the team is used to wearing.

Others are more optimistic about the helmets and are looking forward to when the Saints wear them in action.

While the black helmets are certainly not something that most fans are used to from the Saints, they did wear black helmets once upon a time. The franchise actually wore similar helmets in the 1969 preseason but swapped them out for gold helmets during the regular season.

It’s unclear which games or how many games the Saints will be using these helmets, but it will surely be weird to see them without their typical gold helmets. We’ll see if they grow on NFL fans or remain a strange look for New Orleans.

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