The San Francisco 49ers have done something cool for a New Jersey homeless man who was the victim of a stupid prank.

Ronald Leggatt was living in a baseball dugout when he was approached by a boy who offered him $5 to pour hot coffee on his head. Leggatt, who claims to have been completely broke at the time, complied and poured the coffee on his head and suffered burns on his face.

A witness filmed the Leggatt pouring coffee on himself where the boy laughed, and it went viral. Leggatt was wearing a 49ers jacket, and the organization decided to give back to him, sending him a care package which included a new jacket, hat and a pin from Superbowl 50.

The package was sent to local homeless advocate, Rev. Steven Brigham, who filmed the video of Leggatt getting his package.

“The situation that brought Mr. Leggatt’s story to our attention was certainly unfortunate and we wanted to make sure he knows we consider him a valuable member of the Faithful,” a San Francisco 49ers spokesperson told Mashable. “We hope we were able to bring a smile to his day.”

The boy who encouraged him to pour the coffee has since apologized for the incident and given Leggatt $20. Community members also took him out for a haircut and gave him a hot meal. The generosity towards Leggatt has continued as two GoFundMe pages have been set up for him and have combined to raise for than $6000 in an effort to find him a permanent housing solution.

What started off as a terrible situation for Leggatt has blossomed into a positive one. Hopefully, this story gets another happy ending and he can find a home of his own soon.


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