When Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones lost a diamond earring while zipping around on a jet ski on Lake Lanier, a full dive team was called into action to retrieve it.

Treasure-hunting is nothing new for divers, but this was quite the unique recovery mission this scuba team set out on. Jones says he lost an earring valued at $100,000 when he was knocked off his jet ski and thrown to the water. The earring popped out in the process and likely fell to the bottom of a pitch black body of water.

“Pitch dark, which I was rather surprised at,” diver Bobby Griffin said to 11 Alive in Atlanta.

The problem is the diving team, as experienced as they may be, is searching for a relatively small item in a difficult spot to locate anything.

“It’s down in crevasses and nooks and crannies,” diver Richard Pickering said. “It’s impossible – absolutely impossible.”

That doesn’t sound very optimistic for Jones and any hope he has of recovering his $100,000 earring. If nothing else, let this be a lesson to us all. When racing around on a jet ski, it may be best to leave the jewelry at home in safe keeping.

“As long as I’m good, it’s materialistic stuff,” Jones said said. “You can always get that kind of stuff back.”

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