When the NFL acts like the “No Fun League,” and cracks down on excessive celebrations or taunting, it’s usually for something that isn’t that big of a deal and isn’t worth the trouble of issuing a 15 yard penalty for something that brings a bit of fun into the game. However, this is something completely different.

With just a little over three minutes left in the Seattle Seahawks-Atlanta Falcons Divisional Playoff game, Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin caught a 31 yard touchdown. Afterwards, Baldwin started trash talking the Falcons defender tasked to defend him, Robert Alford. The only issue was that the Seahawks were losing 36-19 at the time.

The on-field mic picked up Baldwin saying, “You can’t hold me, boy. You can’t hold me. You ain’t got a chance in hell. Ain’t got a chance in hell.”

Yeah, that’s all well and good, but probably don’t say that when the rest of your team is crapping the bed. It also looks like Alford is participating along in the trash talk. But really, the only thing he needs to do is point toward the scoreboard.

Being down 16 points and needing at least two successful onside kicks (or a three and out and an onside kick), two touchdowns and two successful two-point conversions in three and a half minutes just to tie the Falcons, it’s probably the most inappropriate time to trash talk your opponent.

Next time Doug, when you catch a touchdown that puts you within two scores late in a playoff game, probably best to just keep the trash talking to yourself. Even if you think of the perfect line, you just wind up looking like an idiot.

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