Geno Smith Jan 1, 2023; Seattle, Washington, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith (7) runs to the licker room following a 23-6 victory against the New York Jets at Lumen Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Geno Smith had a dream year in 2022, as the former journeyman quarterback developed into a star with the Seattle Seahawks.

Well, there was one hiccup in Smith’s great year. He got pulled over by Washington State Police for speeding in King County in January 2022. The police report indicated he had been driving his Rolls Royce 96 mph in a 60 mph zone. He was also accused of driving erratically and reportedly smelled like booze.

Smith saw all charges dismissed on Thursday, but TMZ Sports obtained a police video that showed Smith arguing with officers that he was too big to fit into the patrol car.

After Smith refused a sobriety test, an officer placed him in cuffs. They then asked him to get in the back seat of the patrol car.

“I can’t fit in here. I don’t know what you want me to tell you, I’m 6-4,” Smith said in the video. “If y’all can’t get a car that can fit me, I don’t know understand what y’all telling me.

“I don’t know how y’all fit people in here. Other Black males that look like myself at 6-4 but I don’t know what you guys do but I can’t fit back here.”

Smith eventually fit his body in the car.

Watch the full video on TMZ.

The 32-year-old Smith made the Pro Bowl last season after passing for 4,282 yards and 30 touchdowns (11 interceptions) and leading the NFL with a completion percentage of 69.8%. That led the Seahawks to sign him t0 a three-year, $105 million extension in the offseason.

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