Referee Alex Kemp hot mic Photo Credit: Fox Sports

Referee Alex Kemp created easily the funniest moment of Week 2 Sunday.

Early in the fourth quarter of the Seattle Seahawks game against the Detroit Lions, officials flagged Seattle QB Geno Smith for intentional grounding.

Kemp keyed his mic to announce the penalty and everything went as expected, until Smith wandered over to contest the call.

“Intentional grounding, offense, No. 7,” Kemp announced. “10-yard penalty …”

Enter Smith, who walked right in front of Kemp and protested the penalty.

Kemp looked at Smith and said, “I’m talking to America here, excuse me.”

As Smith walked off, Kemp finished his call without missing a beat.

Fox analyst Greg Olsen got a laugh out of Kemp’s comment, quickly noting, “That is the best line I’ve ever heard out of an official.”

The NFL is often criticized for being too serious (“No Fun League”). But fans definitely had fun with Kemp’s nonchalant “Talking to America” message.

[NFL; Photo Credit: Fox Sports]

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