Jerome Boger Referee Jerome Boger called a penalty on MLB’s Seattle Mariners during Sunday’s NFL game between the Giants and Seahawks.

NFL referees will sometimes get their wires crossed and call a penalty on the wrong player. Sometimes those referees will even call a penalty on the wrong team. But in Sunday’s game between the New York Giants and Seattle Seahawks, referee Jerome Boger took it a step further. He called a penalty on a team that not only wasn’t even playing in the game but in fact, doesn’t play in the NFL.

In the final minutes of Seattle’s win, the Seahawks were penalized for sideline interference. But when Boger announced the penalty, he went in another direction. The referee said that “the coaching staff of the Seattle Mariners was in the restricted area.”

Both the Seahawks and Mariners naturally had some fun with it.

They were not the only ones. Football fans had a lot of fun with Boger’s flub.

It’s been a long season for Boger, who was also front and center during one of the year’s most controversial moments. Fortunately, this was more humorous than irritating. And truthfully, we’re impressed that he didn’t call a foul on the San Francisco Giants.

The Mariners did enjoy a great season, making the playoffs for the first time in 21 years. That season, though, came to an end in the American League Divisional Series more than two weeks ago. Perhaps Boger has yet to catch up on his DVR.

[Seattle Seahawks on Twitter, Photo Credit: Fox]

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