The NY Post reported Wednesday night that longtime Fox NFL analyst Troy Aikman was in deep negotiations with ESPN to be their new Monday Night Football analyst. The news sent shockwaves across the NFL world and opened up a whole slew of questions about what happens next and how the dominoes fall for ESPN, Fox, Amazon, and other networks.

There are a lot of questions about how Aikman’s move changes things for all of the NFL’s broadcasting partners. One of the biggest questions is how this might open the door for a new TV analyst to work their way into a booth. And a lot of people are looking in the direction of Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay.

McVay made waves before the Super Bowl when he implied that it might be possible he’d retire from coaching and make a move to television. The 36-year-old with a seemingly encyclopedic memory of play calls has been on the radar of networks for some time. When the Rams won the Super Bowl, interest in McVay only got louder, but his fiance seemed to close the door on his retirement plans last week.

But that was before Aikman’s seismic decision, which could leave Fox and Amazon with the opportunity to make McVay an offer he can’t refuse. And according to the NY Post’s Andrew Marchand, that’s what is happening.

We’ll see if it ends up happening or if McVay decides to come back and try to repeat as Super Bowl champs with the Rams. In the meantime, the rumors and reports about him certainly have generated a lot of big reactions on social media.

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