When Tom Brady retired from playing football, every team other than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers likely reacted with a sigh of relief. When the GOAT retires from a title contending team like the Bucs, the prevailing logic would be that the Buccaneers would no longer be a contender and thus the NFC playoff picture is a tiny bit clearer for the top teams.

So when Brady decided to do a 180 and come back to the Bucs, that ended a nearly six week run where other teams felt better about their title hopes. And that included the head coach of the defending Super Bowl champion.

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay revealed his reaction regarding Brady coming back for another season. And he reacted how one would expect to react being in his position.

From Washington Post reporter Mark Maske @MarkMaske:

McVay has a point. While the Rams beat the Buccaneers in the playoffs, seeing Brady announce his retirement certainly made things easier for LA to go back-to-back. Now, while the Rams are still a contender and could still go back-to-back, Brady coming back is going to makes things just a bit tougher.

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