Cam Akers

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay said Friday that running back Cam Akers will miss Sunday’s game for personal reasons, but he revealed no details on the surprising development.

After telling reporters that Akers would not play against the Carolina Panthers, McVay said the team wants to keep the matter “in house.”

“We’re working through some different things with Cam, he wasn’t here yesterday, he won’t be here today, and he’ll be out for the game,” McVay said (via Pro Football Focus). “We’re just working through some different stuff. Want to be able to keep that in house. We’ll leave that where that’s at right now as it relates to Cam.”

When a reporter asked if he expects Akers to be part of the team moving forward, McVay stuck to his script.

“We’re working through some different things right now,” McVay said. “Hopefully you guys understand and respect that we want to be able to keep things internal right now.”

The Rams running back has not played well this season, rushing for only 151 yards in five games. He’s averaging only 3 yards per carry. To be fair, the entire Rams offense has taken a step back this season in the wake of their Super Bowl championship. Akers is less than 18 months removed from suffering a torn Achilles.

NFL fans were buzzing Friday afternoon with speculation about Akers’ status.

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