How quickly does a football player’s mind go from winning the Super Bowl to something else? For Van Jefferson, it wasn’t a long transition.

After defeating the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI, Jefferson was on the field celebrating with the rest of the Los Angeles Rams, as well as his two young children. And while getting a postgame hug from your children would normally be a top priority, Jefferson was given even bigger news just before the hug could commence. He was told that his wife was giving birth.

In an instant, Jefferson went from being a celebrating football player to a father and husband.

During the Super Bowl, Jefferson caught four passes, tying Brycen Hopkins for the second best total on the team. That was behind only Cooper Kupp, who won the game’s MVP. But it was after the game when the real excitement began.

And really, Jefferson’s calm here should be commended, especially given that he was just minutes removed from winning a Super Bowl. If there was ever a time when adrenaline would get the better of you, it would be in this situation.

Later on Sunday night, Jefferson posted on Instagram (H/T, Lindsay Thiry, ESPN) a photo with himself He made it to the hospital to be with his wife and newborn son in time.

It was indeed a busy and ultimately great day for Jefferson and his young (and growing) family.


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