The 2018 NFL offseason has just begun and particular storylines are already emerging. That compels us to ask some questions regarding what’s to come during the next six months, as well as during the 2018 campaign.

Here are the seven questions that burn, burn, burn:

Who will quarterback the Bills, Jets, Browns, Broncos and Cardinals? 

We’re pretty sure every other team is pretty sure who will start at quarterback in Week 1, barring injury. But what about these five clubs? Tyrod Taylor’s future is up in the air in Buffalo, the Jets will probably look to find a young alternative to Josh McCown and Cleveland, Denver and Arizona are almost certain to have new quarterbacks in 2018. Kirk Cousins could be the man in one of those spots.

What will the catch rule look like in 2018? 

The league has essentially pledged to rewrite the damn thing, which is good. Right now, the standards for making a catch while going to the ground are too high and too complicated. Chances are, the new rule will make it easier for catches to hold up, which also probably means we’ll have an uptick in fumbles.

Who will be this year’s breakout team?

There were several of them in 2017, with the Bills, Jaguars, Rams and Titans all breaking eight-plus-year playoff droughts. Now, you’ll want to watch for the 49ers (won their last five games with Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback in 2017), the Bears (remind me of the 2017 Rams, with a new head coach, a talented second-year quarterback, a good running game and quality young pieces on defense) and the Texans (welcome back, Deshaun and J.J.).

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Who will start at quarterback for the defending champions in Week 1?

Carson Wentz is confident that he’ll be back in time for the September 6 opener, but that’ll take place less than nine months after he suffered a major knee injury. That might mean Nick Foles remains the starter seven months after winning Super Bowl MVP, but there’s a chance he’ll be traded this offseason to a team that is willing to pay and play him more.

Can Tom Brady deliver at the age of 41?

Literally no other quarterback has been able to, but Brady was the best 39-year-old quarterback in NFL history, the best 40-year-old quarterback in NFL history and the oldest league MVP in history by a three-year margin. The Patriots might not have a lot left in them, but Brady is an anomaly and New England remains a Super Bowl favorite.

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Will Colin Kaepernick finally return? 

If he didn’t in 2017, he probably won’t in 2018. A lot of good quarterbacks went down last season, and nobody gave Kaep a shot. Still, it’ll be a story to track all year.

Can the Eagles do it again? 

Well, that question regarding their quarterback is a rather large one. They have literally no money to spend, several key players hitting free agency and a low draft pick. Considering that the Super Bowl hangover is very much a real thing, that’s not ideal. It’s been 13 years since a team has successfully defended a championship, and the chips are stacked against the Eagles.

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