Lucky Whitehead seems to be having the worst string of luck lately. A week ago, we were discussing the story about someone holding his dog for ransom (which thankfully ended with a pleasant conclusion). Within a week, Whitehead was arrested for alleged shoplifting, which resulted in the Dallas Cowboys releasing Whitehead despite Whitehead pleading his innocence.

Whitehead was right.

All charges against Whitehead in the alleged shoplifting incident in Virginia were dropped due to a confirmed mistaken identity by the police. Prince William County Police Sergeant Jonathan L. Perok released a statement explaining the situation and apologizing to Whitehead, which was shared via Twitter by Ian Rapoport of NFL Network;

This puts the Dallas Cowboys in quite a sticky situation. As we noted yesterday, the Cowboys have gone to bat to defend players that have been connected to various criminal activities, from Greg Hardy to Nolan Carroll to Ezekiel Elliott. Somehow, Whitehead has been the only player to really feel the wrath bad PR can bring the Cowboys.

That coincidence has not gone unnoticed and unchallenged.

The Cowboys should act quickly to make amends with Whitehead, as it is being reported the Cowboys did not do a lot of research before making this decision regarding Whitehead’s status with the team.

Unfortunately, it may be too late for that, as he can officially be claimed by any team starting tomorrow afternoon.

This is certainly not a good look for the Cowboys.

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