Nothing should ever come between man and man’s best friend. Unfortunately, it seems some jerk is doing everything possible to mess with the emotions of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead and his love for his dog, Blitz.

Whitehead announced on his Instagram account that somebody has taken Blitz from him after a break-in occurred at a friend’s house. Blitz was being watched at the friend’s house at the time of the dognapping, and now that dog thief is demanding Whitehead pay $10,000 to have the dog returned to him.

Whitehead shared more of this story in an interview with the NBC affiliate in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Whitehead says he received a call from what may have been a burner phone to demand the money. Whitehead said he would agree to pay the money, just so long as he knew his dog was OK. Told he would receive another call, Whitehead says he has not heard back from the malicious dognapper.

In the interview, Whitehead seems to feel pretty strongly about the idea this was carefully planned by whoever the guilty party or parties may be.

This is sick. Whoever stole this man’s dog is a sad, disturbed individual. Here’s hoping this story has a happy ending that results in Whitehead and Blitz being reunited and whoever is responsible gets sent to jail for whatever time the courts demand.

Update: The dog has been found, and is with Fort Worth rapper Boogati Kasino. Kasino says in the profane video below that he didn’t steal the dog, but bought it for $20,000, and wants his $20,000 back before he returns it.


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